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What Customers Are Saying ...

Bruce MacKay (bmackay@), 2012-12-13

I have worked with Unix/Linux mail systems for nearly two decades and it has always been a struggle dealing with large numbers of domains and virtual users on a single server. I looked long and hard and actually ran several solutions on small servers for many months before making the decision to purchase iRedAdmin Pro. The product paid for itself in the first couple of weeks in time saved alone. What sealed the deal was the excellent level of technical support that I received when we had a glitch. The problem was resolved quickly and the whole event was completely transparent to our users. iRedAdmin Pro is a mature product with great support and ongoing development. I could not give it a higher recommendation.

Jeremy Bruck, 2009-08-29

iRedMail is truly a best of breed open source email solution all packaged perfectly together. We turned to them to remotely handle our installation as well - they asked all the right questions up front and led us in the best direction for our needs. They handled the installation quickly and flawlessly! It was an outstanding time saver with their extensive knowledge of each of the products and how they all fit together. All we had to do was configure our users and start sending and receiving.

Thomas Liesner, 2009-08-27

I ordered remote upgrade support by iRedMail to safely upgrade a production machine to the latest version and everything worked like charm :). Zhang Huangbin logged into the machine exactly at the requested time and informed me live about every single step he was about to do. Being logged in as well, i could follow everything he did and felt really safe. Everything worked so smoothly, that there was no service interruption, no angry users and not a single mail lost. Thanks again, it was well worth the money!