• Your purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted End-User License Agreements below.
  • iRedMail project reserves the right to change the terms of iRedAdmin-Pro at any time.
  • iRedAdmin-Pro relies on the latest iRedMail release, so you must upgrade your iRedMail server to the latest iRedMail release before running iRedAdmin-Pro. The price listed below doesn't include the fee of upgrading iRedMail support, you can buy our remote iRedMail upgrade service if you need.

iRedAdmin-Pro (web admin panel for iRedMail, full-featured edition)

Buy with PayPal or credit card. If you don't have PayPal account, click "Buy Now", then click "Don't have a PayPal account" to pay with your credit card.

  $499 (one-year license)
  Unlimited domains, mailboxes and mailing lists
  Full source code (so all sales are final — no refunds)
Deploy on how many servers One server
Annual renew fee $250 (USD)
Mail accounts stored in OpenLDAP MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
USD $499 (one-year license)
  $899 (3-year license)
USD $899 (3-year license)


  • Your PayPal account will receive an email with download link from sender "iredmail @box673.bluehost.com" immediately after payment completed, don't forget to check your "Junk" or "Spam" folder if you didn't get it in INBOX. If your mail server has greylisting enabled, it may take up to 30 minutes to arrive, please be patient.
  • We will send further notifications (bug fixes, new releases, etc) to license owner (your PayPal email address). If you want to change license owner, please send mail to support _at_ iredmail.org directly with new contact email address(es).
  • Discount: 10% off for 4 licenses.
  • Invoice: Mail to support _at_ iredmail.org if you need an invoice (PDF format) with proper title which should be used in the invoice. For example, your company name and address, or your name and personal email address.
  • iRedAdmin-Pro doesn't work with Microsoft Active Directory, so if you choose to authenticate mail users against Microsoft Active Directory, you have to manage mail accounts with Active Directory management tools, don't buy iRedAdmin-Pro in this case.
  • One license per server. Customer must purchase license for each server.
  • After license expired, it's allow to continue using existing iRedAdmin-Pro, but iRedMail project doesn't offer bug/security fixes, patches, and newer releases for expired license.
  • After license expired, customer have to purchase a new license to get the latest release.
  • NOT allowed to redistribute and/or resell original iRedAdmin-Pro (either as source code or binary packages) and the copy you modified based on iRedAdmin-Pro.
  • Switching to another backend edition of iRedAdmin-Pro requires a new license. For example, switch from iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP to iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL.