iRedMail - 免费、开源邮件服务解决方案


以最佳的方式搭建基于 Linux/BSD 和开源软件的邮件服务器。始于 2007 年。
支持 Red Hat Enterprise Linux、CentOS、Debian、Ubuntu、FreeBSD、OpenBSD

只需几分钟,iRedMail 即可为您部署一台完全基于开源软件功能完善的邮件服务器,而且,免费


为什么选择 iRedMail




iRedMail 使用的所有组件都是开源软件,并且直接从您信任的 Linux/BSD 发行版官方获取软件更新。


终端用户必须使用加密的连接(如基于 TLS 的 POP3/IMAP/SMTP 服务,HTTPS),邮件服务器之间的传输也是加密的,用户密码以高强度的 SSHA512 或 BCRYPT 算法加密存储。


使用直观的 webmail 程序管理您的邮件、邮箱目录、过滤规则、假期自动回复等


使用美观易用的 webmail 界面管理日历(CalDAV)、地址簿(CardDAV)、任务。完美支持主流移动设备(iOS、Android)。
* 日历、地址簿、任务、ActiveSync 皆由 SOGo Groupware 程序提供。


忘掉那些按用户数收费的产品吧,iRedMail 允许您创建任意数量的邮件域、邮件帐号,而且--免费。

支持主流的 Linux/BSD 发行版

iRedMail 支持 Red Hat Enterprise Linux、CentOS、Debian、Ubuntu、FreeBSD、OpenBSD。不论使用哪个发行版,都只需要几分钟即可部署一台配置参数一模一样的邮件服务器。


支持将邮件帐号存储在 OpenLDAP、MySQL、MariaDB、PostgreSQL。


集成 SpamAssassin 和 ClamAV,支持 SPF、DKIM、灰名单、黑白名单、第三方 DNSBL 服务。支持将检测到的垃圾和病毒邮件隔离到 SQL 数据库以便后期管理。

Web 管理平台

iRedMail 提供直观易用的 web 程序管理您的帐号和邮件服务器设置。另有独立收费产品 iRedAdmin-Pro 提供更多高级功能,详情请访问 iRedAdmin-Pro 功能列表







Our (iRedMail) mail servers have been running flawlessly for years, I've never been disappointed and will continue to use iRedMail for even more years. Various mail systems promise a lot but are restricted on many points, where iRedMail just works however you need it to work.

Dylan Ysmal <>, Sep 22, 2017

As a long time user of iRedMail, we are constantly amazed by the stability and flexibility of the product. iRedMail consistently outperforms our clients expectations and the professional support we have received is second-to-none. We have absolutely no hesitation to recommend iRedMail to others!

Mark Pike, March 3, 2016

We are really happy with the system, excellent work, throughout the years we have used many mail systems but this is the best.

Juan Pablo Uggino, Dec 3, 2015

So this is my story: the more time passed, the more it felt wrong for me having a lot of my personnal data stored inside servers of giant US companies like microsoft, google... So I started to build my own personnal cloud server by renting a 7$/month small dedicated server.

iRedMail made that dream possible for the mail side. It's easy to install, easy to use, support latest mail technologies and the support provided even for free by Zhang in the forum is better than professional support of other paid companies like IBM.

So to everyone else looking for a private mail server, iredmail is the way to go.

@Neutro, Sep 7, 2015

Great solution and a great time saver for a system administrator. iRedMail will be my first choice from now on ...
You can pay and buy a software but you cant buy such support. Thanks again.

Bahadir Tecer, Turkiye, Call Center, Dec 19, 2011

iRedMail is the our choice, thank's to the use of standard packeges and solutions for e-mail management. Before we used sendmail and we was searching for a system that implemented maildir + Dovecot upon LDAP for the managemet of user accounts, so iRedMail is perfect for us. Moreover it is free, has a very good support - and I emphasize *very good* - and the Admin Panel - iRedAdmin-Pro, we bought as soon as deployed iRedMail, is a very valid tool to manage the system.

Andrea Di Dato, Oct 21, 2010

iRedMail is the easiest and reliable mail server with all of the features that a mail server needed for the administrators.I appreciate the developers of iRedMail who have really supported tremendously to deploy the mail server by solving all of the problem of us quickly. 3 cheers to iRedMail.

Raskin Paul, May 22, 2010