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Upgrade tutorial is available: Upgrade iRedAdmin-Pro-1.2.0 to 1.3.0

New Features

Click link to see more details.


  • Merge some user profile pages into 'Advanced' page.
  • Use 'ldaps://' for SSL/TLS-based connection.
  • Show quota/account limit status as progress bar in domain list page.
  • Show company/organization name as tooltip in domain list page.
  • More options in service control page of domain profile: sender bcc, recipient bcc.
  • More options in service control page of user profile: forwarding, bcc.
  • Hide catch-all account in user list page.
  • Show link of exporting ldif in account profile pages.
  • Operations (delete, enable, disable) are now available in search result page.
  • Able to export LDIF data of domain catch-all account. Thanks hoho@forum for his report.


  • Language list is unavailabe if login failed.
  • Can't save relay setting in domain profile page.
  • Avoid to create invalid mail accounts.
  • Don't hard-code minimum password length while updating user profile.
  • Avoid float integer as value of mail quota.
  • Removing users from groups can now remove all member ship.
  • Other minor bug fixes and code cleanup.
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