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To restore a mail server, you have to:

  • backup some necessary files. daily or weekly.
  • Install a new iRedMail server.
  • Restore backed up files on new server.

What you need to backup:

  • All MySQL database, except 'mysql'. Because new iRedMail server has new passwords for users, don't restore passwords from old server.
  • Mailboxes. It's stored under /var/vmail/ by default. Simply copy whole directory to new server is fine, don't forget to set file owner and group to 'vmail:vmail', file permission 0700.
  • DKIM files. it's stored under /var/lib/dkim/ by default, or /var/spool/amavis/dkim/ (openSUSE),
  • Postfix queue if necessary. It's stored under /var/spool/postfix/ by default. Reference:
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