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what't that ext3/ext4 difference?

time and performance :)

+ only used inodes are checked during fsck = time-saving

it's not quite common - but you really want to use ext4 for /var/vmail

having huge filesystems of xxxTB by using ext4 only really "in use" inodes are checked - so your fsck will take less time to finish

create the filesystem

please replace /dev/null with "your" disc

mkfs.ext4 -T news -m 1 -L mailstore /dev/null

+use "news" as type (more inodes possible) - mails are usually less than 1mb

+ volume-label is "mailstore"


tune4fs -o journal_data /dev/null

+ we want it journaled

edit fstab

/dev/null /var/vmail      ext4    noatime,data=journal,journal_checksum         0       2
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