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before installation

there are no defaults that fit your needs - irm is simple to implement
but you have to decide what you need BEFORE you start an productive environment!
using irm and iRedOS is simple and easy - but there are some points you want to read before you present a "finished server" to a customer...

before installation of your OS

after installation of your prefered OS

before installing irm

before creating user-accounts



whenever you can :)
keep a copy of /etc

slapcat your openldap

mkdir /root/ldap_backup

edit your crontab and add

8   */1   *   *   *   /usr/sbin/slapcat -f /etc/ldap/slapd.conf >  /root/ldap_backup/slapcat_dump &> /dev/null

or maybe you want to take a look at IRedMail/FAQ/Backup


we are talking about defaults:
maildir for mail-storage means: rsync might be enough



recovery ... oops

if you really need to read this ... yeah, shi### happens ;)

but you are not alone!
we will provide you some BAD practice and hints on what NOT to do!
if you need to read this - please follow this procedure:

Stop reading, take a cup of coffee and come back in 5 minutes

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