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why NOT to do things described here

Here you will get information on what NOT to do

These articles are just informational - we try to implement your feedback and also to provide links to more informations on how to make it better. Maybe you want also read the other side: Good Practise

dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/user count=manytimes results alway in garbage
the files called README have a reason they are called that way :)
maybe you want to see why ...

and yes - as always you have been warned ... copy & pasting on your own risk
maybe one more hint: "this is BAD practice"

bad practice lessons

how to loose your emails

expected results

  • your emails are gone

how to loose your user+domain-lists

expected results

  • your useraccounts and domains are gone

how to become the spammer :)

expected results

  • your provider (ISP) might lock your account
  • you will be blacklisted

use default passwords

use passwords like "password", "admin" or "1234"
this way every brute-force attack is not painful for you as everybody just need seconds to get the proper logins

permit world access to admin-interfaces

permit world access to

  • myserver/phpmyadmin
  • myserver/phpldapadmin
  • myserver/awstats
  • myserver/iredadmin

how to break your system

expected results

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