Exchange ActiveSync: Setup iOS devices

Important Notes

iRedMail doesn't integrate OpenChange and Samba4 for native MAPI support, so SOGo groupware in iRedMail doesn't provide full support for Microsoft Outlook clients, Mac OS X and all iOS devices, don't try to add your mail account as an Exchange account in these mail clients. You have to add account as POP3/IMAP account, caldav/carddav account instead.


Step-by-step configuration

1: Open application Settings on home screen:

2: Click Mails , Contacts, Calendars:

3: Click Add Account:

4: Choose Exchange.

5: Fill up the form with your server address and email account credential

6: If it cannot auto discover server settings, you should fill up the form with server address and username.

7: Choose items you want to sync to this mobile device:

That's all.